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The ASSA2008 model was released in March of 2011, and is the most recent version of the ASSA AIDS and Demographic model to be released. The most significant changes to the previous version of the model are greater estimates of the impact of antiretroviral treatment in recent years, as well as significant increases in levels in condom usage over the last decade.

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Older Models

The ASSA2003 model was preceded by the ASSA2003, ASSA2002, ASSA2000, ASSA600 and ASSA500 models.

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Other Countries

The ASSA2003 and the Older Models are designed and calibrated for South Africa. The Actuarial Society of South Africa also develops models for other countries.

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ASSA Select

The ASSA Select model is a model that can be used to assess the impact of HIV/AIDS on workforce populations and other groups which have been selected in some way from the general population. The most recent version of the model to be published was published in June of 2006.

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