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The ASSA2008 model was released in March of 2011, and is the most recent version of the ASSA AIDS and Demographic model to be released. The most significant changes to the previous version of the model are greater estimates of the impact of antiretroviral treatment in recent years, as well as significant increases in levels in condom usage over the last decade. Click on the ‘Note to users of the ASSA2008 model’ link for more information on the models and summary outputs that are listed on this page.


ASSA2008 lite


ASSA2008 Full


Assumptions Prov

AssumptionsProv_110207.zip [ 3.69 Mb ~ 20.99 minutes @ 56kbps]

Summary Outputs

Prov Output

ProvOutput_110216.zip [ 1.28 Mb ~ 7.30 minutes @ 56kbps]

Life Orphan Output

OrphansProv_110216.zip [ 453.23 kb ~ 2.52 minutes @ 56kbps]

User Information

Note to users if the ASSA2008 model

Note to users of the ASSA2008 model.pdf [ 54.07 kb ~ 18.02 seconds @ 56kbps]

ASSA2008 AIDS and Demographic models: user guide

Assa2008UserGuide_100727.pdf [ 437.69 kb ~ 2.43 minutes @ 56kbps]

Cautionary note to users of the ASSA2008 AIDS and Demographic models

ASSA2008 Caution August 2012.pdf [ 131.34 kb ~ 43.78 seconds @ 56kbps]

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